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A world of risks and challenges, from disruption to globalization. A new economy, defined by technology and fluidity. All these changes are affecting how clients choose to play in the value chain and how they can position themselves for real competitive advantage. It may mean rethinking your corporate core and functions or adopting new business models altogether.
With codified strategic planning tools and methodologies, we help clients improve performance from the start and position themselves for success. Working together, we focus on Differentiating capabilities, cutting costs to reinvest in growth, taking advantage of digitization, and opening the door for M&A opportunities. And here is the area of our projects in strategy:

-BMI (Business Model Transformation)
– Corporate Strategy
– Functional Strategy
– Organization Strategy
– Operation Strategy

An example of

Repositioning of above 10 companies based on the new dynamics of the market for better market adoption and market share acquisition.

DTGE (Docking to The Global Economy)

Docking to The Global Economy (DTGE) is not a product, it’s a solution for businesses in Iran that wants to go BIG. making your corporate international with international revenue. With our knowledge of the global and local market, it is now possible for us to connect these two dots together, first by making your company become ready for the global environment (creating a leadership pipeline, getting the services including Branding, Business Development, business structure and etc in check) then help you to connect with other players and play the game by the international rules. now you are a local player who became part of the global organization. These are the services that we provide to reach the objective YOU want:

– Destination market study
– Go-to-market strategy

An example of

Relocation of multiple businesses abroad 
Go-to-market strategy and implementation for multiple companies

Strategical Decision making regarding M&A, Investment & PE investment in multiple companies

Team & People Development works with clients to design optimal organizational structures, roles, and responsibilities. We help them hire the right people and advise them on how to reward and motivate their workforce while developing professionals as they navigate and advance their careers and that includes:

– Organization Strategy
– Reward system
– Assessment
– Talent acquisition
– Leadership and Professional Development


An example of

Delivery of Organization Change Management in a one-year engagement. A company was implementing the new ERP simultaneously in 15 offices in 6 countries, including more than 300 individuals.

Training 40 Individual C-Level &
FLM Managers of a fmcg company
in a one Year of Academy for developing
Leadership skills & capabilities.

Business Growth & Scale-up

Growth is the goal of most businesses and is the reason behind many decisions that affect the daily workings of a company both internally and externally. Business growth is impacted by consumer trends, market opportunities, and decisions made by company leadership.
Growing a business takes planning and concentrated efforts that fall into these main categories:

– Strategy
– BMI (business model transformation)
– Market Penetration
– Leadership and Management

An example of

Scaling up the most famous fashion brand in Iran in a three-year ongoing engagement. A result was to increase the profit volume by 3.5X in a year.

Profit Engine Creation

We will use the three functions (marketing, branding, sales) of your business and combine them together to create the ultimate profit engine for your company and penetrate the market with the strategy we set for you, it will result in short-term gain by creating a structure for long term profits without compromising your brand of the company.

An example of

Enhancing the business profitability for more than 20 companies by creating new funnels of sales, new branding experience and creative automated marketing flows.

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